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Learning anatomy is hard. As I worked to complete my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification, I was challenged by musculature and its function in the human body. I have spent countless hours in lectures, buying books and searching on the internet to understand the pieces of the puzzle that is anatomy. Most of time the information is either too detailed or technical. Anatomy illustrations tend to have all the muscles colored in pinks and reds so it is visually hard to distinguish one from the other.

As a lifelong artist, illustrator and designer, I have spent many years working on creative solutions to artistic questions. So I decided to take those same skills and apply them to the study of anatomy. Through sketches, illustrations, typography and graphics, I wanted to create infographics to help understand the architecture of the body that can of use to the yogi, medical student or someone just interested in how things work. I tried to look at things from different angles and styles, using bright hues to isolate parts of the body in new ways.

From musculature to how bones work, what yoga poses can assist in what part of the body, in how breathing techniques can affect the nervous system, I hope I captured some of the inspiration, function, wonder and design of the human form in this sampling of my anatomy studies.  

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