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Film Posters


One of the best ways to grow, both creatively and personally, is through personal projects. Taking one of my biggest passions, world cinema, and using it as a springboard to develop my skills was one of the benefits of my time during the Coronavirus lockdown. As I browsed through different streaming services, I realized that what drew me first to films was the poster art. Not surprisingly, the bolder and more singular the poster art was, the more I was drawn to that film. 


Most of the projects that I am commissioned to do have a very specific focus, from creating illustrations to match content to developing designs for unique objects. I decided to create a series of film posters that would allow me to expand from my usual parameters and create a body of work filled with a variety of elements that, when combined, would create a satisfying whole. 

Sometimes literal and sometimes abstract, I let the feeling of each film dictate the mood. Without placing strict limitations on using type, photography, illustration, graphics, hand-lettering or drawings, I developed a better mastery of digital pencils, created new textural approaches and developed my skills in vector art to draw graphic portraits. I also worked to keep a consistent palette and a clean, uncomplicated approach to fonts.


My first batch of 10 quickly turned into 20, which turned into 50, which is now over 100. Hopefully that speaks more to the length of lockdown than to my viewing habits. Regardless, I narrowed this gallery down to 20 examples of amazing films represented by, I hope, poster designs that would grab the eye of a sophisticated viewer.

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